You are entitled to 1 year of updates and E-mail support with the purchase of Simply Checking.
Actually, we continue supporting our customers beyond the '1 year' stated ... within reason.
We pride ourselves, and have had many compliments as to the quick response and the quality of our E-mail support as compared to most other software companies.
To save you time, PLEASE SEARCH THIS HELP INDEX before contacting us, as most of the answers to your questions will be found here !
For support click the CONTACT US button found on any page of our website. This will take you to your E-mail client where you can enter a 'Subject' and a text area to explain your support needs.
                                                    HELP US HELP YOU !!!
        If you have a problem, we need specifics ... DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS !!!
If you write "download didn't work" or "Simply Checking does not work" we won't have enough information to help you. Explain in detail ... for example "I downloaded from your web site, installation went OK, got a desktop icon but when I click the icon it says I don't have permission to run Simply Checking ... please help ! "
To enable us to keep detailed records of all support requests and responses, we offer E-mail support only.
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