Repeat Transactions
To create a Repeat Transaction go to the main screen of Simply Checking and choose either DEPOSIT or WITHDRAWAL.
From the New Deposit or Withdrawal screen click the YES checkbox at the top left of the
screen. This will bring you to the 'Setup Repeat Frequency'' screen where you will set the next transaction date and frequency of the new Repeat Transaction.
You will have the choice to have the transaction cleared automatically when it repeats by checking the 'Automatic' checkbox. When checked, the transaction will be marked as cleared whether it has cleared the bank or not.
 You CANNOT predate Repeat Transactions !!!
 Upon accepting a new Repeat Transaction one of 3 things will happen :
1) If the 'Next Transaction Date' is not today     it will create 1 record which can be viewed
    in     the 'Repeat Transaction Manager'.
2) If the 'Next Transaction Date' is today it will create 2 records, one in the current account
    and the other in the 'Repeat Transaction Manager' 
3) If the 'Next Transaction Date' is today and it     is a Funds Transfer, it will create 3
    records, one in the current account, one in the target account of the funds transfer, and
    the other in the 'Repeat Transaction Manager'. 
From the main screen, click the 'REPEAT' button to go to the 'Repeat Transaction Manager' where you can view, edit and delete Repeat Transactions.
Repeat Transactions are processed when starting Simply Checking and when returning from the 'Repeat Transaction Manager'
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