Font Size
If you you want to make the text larger and easier to read, the program does not fit on the screen or the 'cleared' checkboxes are missing, you need to adjust your font size.
Windows XP ...
   Right click on desktop, click on properties, click on settings tab, click on advanced, click
   on general tab, click on DPI Setting  then select desired setting ... OK ... OK
Vista ...
   1)  Right click on the desktop
   2)  Click on Personalize
   3)  Click on Adjust Font size (DPI)
   4)  Choose desired setting 
Windows 7 or 8 ...
   1)  Right click on the desktop
   2)  Click on Screen Resolution
   3)  Click on Make text and other items larger or smaller
   4)  Choose  desired setting 
   5)  Click Apply
   6)  Click OK and re-start your computer
Windows 10 ...
   1) Right click on the desktop
   2) Click on Display Settings
   3) Locate slider control Change the size of Text, Apps. and other items
   4) Move the slider to the left (smaller)

If your text size is too large or small, you can also try adjusting the screen resolution
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