Funds Transfers
Your current account must be the account you want to transfer funds FROM !
From the Simply Checking main screen -
1) Click theWITHDRAWAL Button
2) Click on FUNDS TRANSFER in the list of available withdrawal types
Click on the account you want to transfer funds to from the accounts list. Enter the amount. You can edit the memo at this time. The category for a funds transfer is automatically assigned as 'Funds Transfer'
Accepting the funds transfer will create two new transactions, one in the current account and one in the destination account.
Click the ACCEPT button when you are finished to save the funds transfer to memory. The data is not saved to your hard drive until you either click the SAVE button on the main screen, agree to save when going to the Account Manager or when quitting the program.
Click the CANCEL button to return to the main screen without saving new funds transfer
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