Cloud Storage
'Cloud Storage' allows you to access your data from any computer that has Simply Checking installed and is connected too the internet. To start, you will need to install other software to allow you to remotely store your data. For example : Dropbox provides FREE 'Cloud Storage' software and service.
Be sure the provider you choose offers secure data storage, however you really don't need to worry as no actual account numbers are stored with your Simply Checking data.
Simply Checking a single user program and you will encounter problems if more than one program is accessing your data at a time. You should exit Simply Checking when switching between computers to avoid such problems.
Setting up 'Cloud Storage' :
Step 1)
Download and install software for remote storage ... i.e.
Step 2)
Find the location on your hard drive where your remote files will be stored.  If you  are using Dropbox, click the Dropbox icon in the system tray at the bottom of your screen. Click on Preferences...  then the Advanced tab. The location will be listed there.
NOTE : The location MUST be the same on all computers accessing your data !!! 
Step 3)
From Simply Checking, click the SETUP button. Check the box to allow 'Cloud Storage' then either type or browse to the location (Folder Path).
Step 4)
Click the DONE button on the set-up screen 
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