Categories, which are optional, are used to summarize your account data when viewing
reports. Depending on your needs, categories can be used in a couple of different ways.
1) Detailed categories can show where your money is being spent to help you better
    manage your budget
2) General categories are useful for tax purposes if you want to track deductable expenses
    such as medical, real estate taxes, etc.
When creating a new account, if you want to keep detailed track of categories, you should
check the 'suggested categories checkbox'
When adding, editing or copying a transaction, a 'Quick pick list' of categories appears to make entering transactions faster.
If you chose not to use suggested categories when you created the account, you can enter
your categories in the category edit box. Clicking the ADD button will add the category
from the edit box to your list. Also there are EDIT and DELETE buttons to help manage the list. 
Any time an entry is added, edited or deleted from the list a SAVE button will appear. If you are satisfied with your changes to the list, click the SAVE button to save the changes you made in the list to your hard drive
To make finding your categories faster, when you type the first few characters of the category, the list will be indexed to find the closest match
Each account you have in Simply Checking will have it's own category list
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