Backup Accounts
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To protect your data, it is important to back-up your data frequently !
From the Simply Checking main screen -
  1) Click the ACCOUNTS Button
  2) Click the BACK-UP button
Now you have 3 options
  1) Quick Back-up -
      With a click of the button, your data is saved to the c:\ drive. You should do this every
      time you using Simply Checking !
2) Basic Back-up -
    Select the desired drive letter and click the BACK-UP button. You should back-up to an  
    an EXTERNAL drive (memory stick, USB hard drive etc.) frequently in the event your
    computer crashes
3) Advanced Back-up -
    For users experienced with Windows Explorer,  you must save to a folder named
    'Simply Checking Data'
                                 NOTE : You CANNOT back-up to a CD ROM !!!
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