Activation Code
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Purpose of the Activation Code
  An activation code will remove the 50 entry/45 day trial period restriction making your
  trial version into a full working program.
How to get your activation code
  There are 2 ways to get your activation code, both require that you purchase the program.
     1) Download the free trial and provide the 'product key' found in the free trial when
         purchasing license or CD. We will E-mail you your activation code.   
     2) Without downloading the free trial, when you purchase the CD, your activation code
         will be printed on the CD when you receive it. 
How to enter your activation code into Simply Checking
  First, you need to create at least 1 account for the activation code to work. Then Click on
  the flashing Activation Code/Product key button on the lower right side of the main
  screen of   your Simply Checking program. Enter your activation code then click the
  DONE button. 
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