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Windows Vista, 7, 8
   and Windows 10
        32 and 64 bit 
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At this time we are no
longer able to provide
technical support.
We will continue to   support those who purchased in  2018 for
1 year after purchase. Those customers can click  here to contact us.
 Support discontinued
 Virtually no learning curve ... use right away 
 Create as many accounts as you need
 Transfer funds between accounts
 Optional categories for tracking your expenses
 Processes repeat transactions so you don't have to !
 Password protection to keep your finances private
 Reconcile your account from the main screen
 Export reports to Adobe.pdf - Excel.xls - Word.doc
Getting started
Create an account with the account manager by entering an account name and choosing whether or not to include the suggested categories. With our checkbook register software, you can enter as many accounts as you need.
Entering transactions
At first, when entering deposits and withdrawals, you will need to enter each unique name. You can copy these names to a quick-pick list so that you only have to enter each name once!
Repeat Transactions
For recurring transactions, you can use the repeat function. Just fill in the data as normal then check the repeat button. You will then select a start date and the frequency to repeat. Future transactions will automatically be entered into your checkbook register. You can even set a funds transfer to repeat, for example to your savings account for automated savings !!!
Searching and sorting
Records can be sorted on the main screen simply by clicking the column titles. This allows you to find transactions by date, check number, payee, amount etc. You can also sort by 'cleared' to group entries that have yet to clear the bank. This makes it easy to locate and 'clear' transactions when they 'clear' the bank. This is done right from the main screen by simply clicking the checkboxes in the clear column.
Printing reports
Simply Checking provides an easy to use print interface. You can print a hard copy by date
 (week, month or year) for your records. You also have the option to print by category which groups transactions for tax purposes or to help you track your expenses.
Backing up your data
It's a good practice to back-up regularly to protect your data in the event of a computer crash. Simply Checking offers several options for backing up your data. Quick Back-up  and Basic Back-up allow those who are not familiar with Windows Explorer to easily protect their data. Those who are, can use the provided Windows Explorer interface.
Try it Today !
Click the 'DOWNLOAD' button to get your trial version. The trial is a full working version with a 45 day/50 entry trial period. After that you'll need an activation code to continue. So why not download Simply Checking and give it a try? You have nothing to lose !  
I think that your program is great! I have tried "My Checkbook", "Checkbook", "Just Checking", and "Checkbook Ease". Simply Checking is very user friendly and outshines them all! If you ever need a testimonial, I'll be happy to supply one.
Thank you for a great product. It is much more user friendly than any other I've tried.
I LOVE the program! It is exactly what I was looking for. Simple checkbook register software to balance my account.
I just want to tell you your program is 'Simply Great' I would recommend your checkbook program to anyone who was looking for a simple and easy way to keep track of their checking accounts.
This is exactly what I wanted!!! Just a program that will add & subtract so I don't make errors AND at the end of the year, or any time for that matter, I can see where my money is going and also make it easier for my accountant at the end of the year. Thanks for a fantastic product at a great price!!!
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